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  • Heazlewoodite — Heazlewoodite, Ni3S2, is a rare sulfur poor nickel sulfide mineral found in serpentinitised dunite. It occurs as disseminations and masses of opaque, metallic light bronze to brassy yellow grains which crystallise in the trigonal crystal system.… …   Wikipedia

  • heazlewoodite — noun A rare nickel sulfide mineral found in serpentinized dunite …   Wiktionary

  • heazlewoodite — ˈhēzəl, wu̇ˌdīt noun ( s) Usage: usually capitalized Etymology: Heazlewood, Tasmania, its locality + English ite : a mineral Ni3S2 consisting of sulfide of nickel …   Useful english dictionary

  • Millerite — For the religious movement, see Millerism. For the neighborhood in Gary, see Miller Beach. Millerite Millerite needles in a quartz geode. Locality: Halls Gap, Lincoln County, Kentucky. Size: 4.0 x 3.5 x 3.0 cm …   Wikipedia

  • List of minerals F-J (complete) — It is currently not possible to have a complete list of minerals . The International Mineralogical Association is the international group that recognises new minerals and new mineral names, however minerals discovered before 1959 did not go… …   Wikipedia

  • Mohs scale of mineral hardness — The Mohs scale of mineral hardness characterizes the scratch resistance of various minerals through the ability of a harder material to scratch a softer material. It was created in 1812 by the German geologist and mineralogist Friedrich Mohs and… …   Wikipedia

  • Pentlandite — Infobox mineral name = Pentlandite boxwidth = caption = formula = iron nickel sulfide:(Fe,Ni)9S8 color = Yellowish bronze habit = Hexoctahedral rare; massive to granular system = Isometric cleavage = absent octahedral parting fracture =… …   Wikipedia

  • List of minerals — This is a List of minerals for which there are Wikipedia articles. Mineral variety names and mineraloids are to be listed after the valid minerals for each letter.For a complete listing (about 4,000) of all mineral names: List of minerals… …   Wikipedia

  • Kambalda type komatiitic nickel ore deposits — Kambalda type nickel ore deposits are a class of magmatic nickel copper ore deposit in which the physical processes of komatiite volcanology serve to enrich, concentrate and deposit nickel bearing sulfide within the lava flow environment of an… …   Wikipedia

  • Geology of Tasmania — Tasmania has a varied geological history, with the world s biggest exposure of diabase, or dolerite. Rocks from the Neoproterozoic, Paleozoic and Mesozoic time periods appear. It is one of the few southern hemisphere areas glaciated during the… …   Wikipedia

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