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  • holosystolic — SYN: pansystolic. * * * ho·lo·sys·tol·ic sis täl ik adj relating to an entire systole <a holosystolic murmur> * * * holo·sys·tol·ic (hōl″o sis tolґik) [holo + systole] pertaining to the entire systole …   Medical dictionary

  • holosystolic — “+ adjective Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary hol + systolic : relating to an entire systole …   Useful english dictionary

  • holosystolic murmur — pansystolic m …   Medical dictionary

  • Murmur — A Murmur is an abnormal "whooshing" sound created by blood flow through heart valves, as well as flow through chamber narrowings or unusual connections seen with congenital heart disease. It is usually heard by the doctor while… …   Medical dictionary

  • Heart murmur — For the French motion picture, see Murmur of the Heart. Cardiac murmurs and other cardiac sounds Auscultogram from normal and abnormal heart sounds ICD 10 …   Wikipedia

  • Ventricular septal defect — Infobox Disease Name = PAGENAME Caption = Echocardiographic image of a moderate ventricular septal defect in the mid muscular part of the septum. The trace in the lower left shows the flow during one complete cardiac cycle and the red mark the… …   Wikipedia

  • Mitral regurgitation — See also: aortic insufficiency and tricuspid insufficiency Mitral regurgitation Classification and external resources Mitral regurgitation (schematic drawing) During systole, contraction of the left …   Wikipedia

  • Pogo Joe — Infobox VG |title= Pogo Joe developer= publisher= Screenplay designer= William F. Denman, Jr. and Oliver Steele engine= released= 1983 genre= Platform game modes= Single player ratings= platforms= Atari 400/800, Commodore 64 media= requirements=… …   Wikipedia

  • Tricuspid atresia — Infobox Disease Name = Tricuspid atresia Caption = Anterior (frontal) view of the opened heart. White arrows indicate normal blood flow. (Tricuspid valve labeled at bottom left.) DiseasesDB = ICD10 = ICD10|Q|22|4|q|20 ICD9 = ICD9|746.1 ICDO =… …   Wikipedia

  • pansystolic — Lasting throughout systole, extending from first to second heart sound. SYN: holosystolic. * * * pan·sys·tol·ic ( )pan sis täl ik adj persisting throughout systole <a pansystolic heart murmur> * * * pan·sys·tol·ic (pan″sis tolґik)… …   Medical dictionary

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