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  • indentor — indent ► VERB 1) form deep recesses or notches in. 2) position or begin (a line or block of text) further from the margin than the main part of the text. 3) make a requisition or written order for something. ► NOUN 1) Brit. an official order or… …   English terms dictionary

  • indentor — noun A person who is a representative for a foreign company, product or a person, and who gets commission or royalty on any transaction which takes place in his home country irrespective of whether the transaction has taken place out of his… …   Wiktionary

  • Indentor — ⇡ Indentkunde …   Lexikon der Economics

  • indentor — n. one who makes a notch or notches; one who makes a dent or impression in a surface; one who indents, one who leaves a blank space between a margin and the beginning of a printed or written line …   English contemporary dictionary

  • indentor — /ɪnˈdɛntə/ (say in dentuh) noun an instrument, usually made of an extremely hard substance as diamond, used to assess the hardness of a metal and its resistance to indentation …  

  • indentor — noun see indenter …   Useful english dictionary

  • diamond indentor — noun or diamond indenter : an instrument for measuring hardness by the depth of the indentation made by a pyramidal diamond point under a given load …   Useful english dictionary

  • Indentkunde — Indentor; im Außenhandelsgeschäft Personen, die sich auf der Basis einer bereits fertig erstellten Einkaufsliste, die sich auf mehrere Produktgruppen beziehen kann, an Hersteller, Exporteure oder sonstige Handelsunternehmen wenden und um… …   Lexikon der Economics

  • Shore durometer — Two inline skates wheels with different durometer 85A and 83A. Durometer is one of several measures of the hardness of a material. Hardness may be defined as a material s resistance to permanent indentation. The durometer scale was defined by… …   Wikipedia

  • Barcol hardness test — The Barcol hardness test characterizes the indentation hardness of materials through the depth of penetration of an indentor, loaded on a material sample and compared to the penetration in a reference material. The method is most often used for… …   Wikipedia

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