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  • Infratemporal — In fra*tem po*ral, a. [Infra + temporal.] (Anat.) Below the temple; below the temporal bone. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • infratemporal crest — n a transverse ridge on the outer surface of the greater wing of the sphenoid bone that divides it into a superior portion that contributes to the formation of the temporal fossa and an inferior portion that contributes to the formation of the… …   Medical dictionary

  • infratemporal fossa — n a fossa that is bounded above by the plane of the zygomatic arch, laterally by the ramus of the mandible, and medially by the pterygoid plate, and that contains the masseter and pterygoid muscles and the mandibular nerve …   Medical dictionary

  • Infratemporal fossa — Infobox Anatomy Name = PAGENAME Latin = fossa infratemporalis GraySubject = 46 GrayPage = 184 Caption = Left infratemporal fossa. Caption2 = MeshName = MeshNumber = DorlandsPre = f 14 DorlandsSuf = 12376096 The infratemporal fossa is an… …   Wikipedia

  • Infratemporal crest — Infobox Bone Name = Infratemporal crest Latin = crista infratemporalis GraySubject = 35 GrayPage = 150 Caption = Sphenoid bone. Anterior and inferior surfaces. (Infratemporal crest labeled at center left.) Caption2 = System = Precursor = MeshName …   Wikipedia

  • Infratemporal surface of the body of the maxilla — Infobox Bone Name = Infratemporal surface of the body of the maxilla Latin = facies infratemporalis corporis maxillae GraySubject = 38 GrayPage = 158 Caption = Left maxilla. Outer surface. Caption2 = Precursor = System = Artery = Vein = Nerve =… …   Wikipedia

  • Infratemporal fenestra — An infratemporal fenestra, also called the lateral temporal fenestra is an opening in the skull behind the orbit in some animals. An opening in front of the eye sockets, conversely, is called an antorbital fenestra. Both of these openings reduced …   Wikipedia

  • infratemporal region — the area of the head on either side, about the infratemporal fossa …   Medical dictionary

  • infratemporal — Below the temporal fossa. * * * in·fra·tem·po·ral .in frə tem p(ə )rəl adj situated below the temporal fossa * * * in·fra·tem·po·ral (in″frə temґpə rəl) inferior to the temple or temporal fossa; called also subtemporal …   Medical dictionary

  • infratemporal — |infrə+ adjective Etymology: infra + temporal : situated below the temple or temporal bone used especially of the lower or more lateral of the two divisions of the temporal fossae of various reptiles …   Useful english dictionary

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