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  • ingravescence — in·gra·ves·cence .in grə ves ən(t)s n the state of becoming progressively more severe <persistence and ingravescence of behavior disorders, in spite of improved circumstances (Norman Cameron)> …   Medical dictionary

  • ingravescence — ˌingrəˈvesən(t)s noun ( s) : the state of becoming progressively severe persistence and ingravescence of behavior disorders in spite of improved circumstances Norman Cameron …   Useful english dictionary

  • ingravescent — /ɪngrəˈvɛsənt/ (say ingruh vesuhnt) adjective increasing in severity, as a disease. {Latin ingravescens, present participle, growing heavier} –ingravescence, noun …  

  • ingravescent — adj. Med. (of a disease etc.) growing worse. Derivatives: ingravescence n. Etymology: L ingravescere (as IN (2), gravescere grow heavy f. gravis heavy) …   Useful english dictionary

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