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  • lignaloes — [lī nal′ōz, lignal′ōz] n. [ME lignealoes < OFr lignalöé < ML lignum aloës, wood of aloe: see LIGNEOUS & ALOE] the resinous wood of various tropical trees containing an oil used in perfumes, soaps, foods, etc …   English World dictionary

  • lignaloes — /luy nal ohz, lig /, n. (used with a sing. v.) agalloch. [1325 75; ME ligne aloes < ML lignum aloes wood of the aloe. See LIGN , ALOE] * * * …   Universalium

  • lignaloes — noun see lignaloe * * * /luy nal ohz, lig /, n. (used with a sing. v.) agalloch. [1325 75; ME ligne aloes < ML lignum aloes wood of the aloe. See LIGN , ALOE] …   Useful english dictionary

  • Sultanate of Demak — Kasultanan Demak ← 1475–1548 …   Wikipedia

  • agalloch — /euh gal euhk, ag euh lok /, n. the fragrant, resinous wood of an East Indian tree, Aquilaria agallocha, of the mezereum family, used as incense in the Orient. Also called agallochum /euh gal euh keuhm/, agalwood /ag euhl wood /, agilawood, aloes …   Universalium

  • linalool — /li nal oh awl , ol , lin euh loohl /, n. Chem. a colorless, unsaturated terpene liquid alcohol, C10H18O, having a fragrance similar to that of bergamot oil, obtained from several essential oils: used in perfumery. Also, linalol /lin euh lawl ,… …   Universalium

  • incense — Synonyms and related words: adulation, agalloch, agape, aggravate, agitate, aloeswood, annoy, aroma, aromatize, arouse, asperges, aspersion, auricular confession, awake, awaken, balminess, bar mitzvah, bas mitzvah, blandishment, blandness,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • eaglewood — [e′gəl wo͞od΄] n. LIGNALOES …   English World dictionary

  • linalool — [lin al′ō ôl΄, linal′ə ōl΄; lin΄ə lo͞ol′] n. [< MexSp linaloa, an aromatic Mexican wood (< Sp lináloe < ML lignum aloës: see LIGNALOES) + OL1] a terpene alcohol, C10H17OH, in several essential oils, used in perfumery …   English World dictionary

  • al|oes — «AL ohz», noun (plural). (sing. in use). 1. a) a bitter drug made from the dried juice of the leaves of certain aloes, used chiefly as a laxative. b) the juice of these leaves. 2. the fragrant wood or resin of a kind of East Indian tree;… …   Useful english dictionary

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