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  • lobeless — lobe·less lōb ləs adj lacking lobes <lobeless ears> …   Medical dictionary

  • lobeless — ˈlōblə̇s adjective : lacking lobes …   Useful english dictionary

  • Hibiscus hastatus — taxobox status = G5 status system = TNC regnum = Plantae unranked divisio = Angiosperms unranked classis = Eudicots unranked ordo = Rosids ordo = Malvales familia = Malvaceae genus = Hibiscus species = H. hastatus binomial = Hibiscus hastatus… …   Wikipedia

  • Ehlers–Danlos syndrome — Classification and external resources The collagen fibril and EDS. (a) Normal collagen fibrils are of uniform size and spacing. Fibrils from a patient with dermatosparaxis (b) show dramatic alterations in fibril morphology with severe effects on… …   Wikipedia

  • lobe — noun 1》 a hanging or projecting part, such as the soft part at the base of the outer ear. 2》 a major division of an organ such as the brain, typically rounded in form. Derivatives lobed adjective lobeless adjective Origin ME: via late L. from Gk… …   English new terms dictionary

  • lobe — n. 1 a roundish and flattish projecting or pendulous part, often each of two or more such parts divided by a fissure (lobes of the brain). 2 = ear lobe (see EAR(1)). Derivatives: lobed adj. lobeless adj. Etymology: LL f. Gk lobos lobe, pod …   Useful english dictionary

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