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  • Psychon — could refer to: * Psychon (Space 1999), a species from the television series Space 1999 * Psychon (mental unit), a unit of mental activity proposed in How the Self Controls Its Brain …   Wikipedia

  • psychon — noun A hypothetical particle of consciousness …   Wiktionary

  • psychon — ˈsīˌkän noun ( s) Etymology: psych + on : an ultimate particle of psychic nature …   Useful english dictionary

  • Maya (Space: 1999) — Maya Catherine Schell as Maya in Space: 1999 s second season. Species Psychon Gender Female Date of birth 3rd day of Tayad, 6752 Psychon years Home planet …   Wikipedia

  • Narrominded — is an independent record label based in the Netherlands. The label releases experimental electronic and rock music genres like idm, ambient, electro, Electroacoustic improvisation, noise rock, post punk and new wave. The formats on which the… …   Wikipedia

  • Allen Neuringer — is a noted American psychologist. He is a highly published and well recognized scientist in the field of the experimental analysis of behavior pioneered by B.F. Skinner. As of June 2008, Dr. Neuringer is retiring from being a professor of… …   Wikipedia

  • Motor theory of speech perception — When we hear spoken words we sense that they are made of auditory sounds. The motor theory of speech perception argues that behind the sounds we hear are the intended movements of the vocal tract that pronounces them. The motor theory of speech… …   Wikipedia

  • One Moment of Humanity — Space: 1999 episode Episode no. Season 2 Episode 3 Directed by Charles Crichton Written by …   Wikipedia

  • Color blindness — Colorblind and Colourblind redirect here. For other uses, see Colorblind (disambiguation). Color blindness or color deficiency Classification and external resources An 1895 illustration of normal vision and various kinds of color blindness …   Wikipedia

  • How the Self Controls Its Brain — [John C. Eccles, How the Self Controls its Brain , Berlin: Springer Verlag, 1994. ISBN 3 540 56290 7.] is a book by Sir John Eccles, proposing a theory of philosophical dualism, and offering a justification of how there can be mind brain action… …   Wikipedia

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