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  • psychoneural — |sī(ˌ)kō+ adjective Etymology: psych + neural : of or relating to the interrelationship of nervous system and consciousness : relating to the mental functions of the central nervous system * * * psychoneural neuroendocrine, neuroendocrinology,… …   Useful english dictionary

  • psychoneural — psy·cho·neu·ral n(y)u̇r əl adj of or relating to the interrelationship of the nervous system and consciousness: relating to the mental functions of the central nervous system * * * psy·cho·neu·ral (si″ko noorґəl) relating to the… …   Medical dictionary

  • Ted Honderich — Infobox Philosopher region = Western Philosophy era = Contemporary philosophy color = #B0C4DE image caption = Photo of Ted Honderich name = Ted Honderich birth = January 30, 1933 death = school tradition = Analytic notable ideas = Consciousness… …   Wikipedia

  • Antireductionism — is a reaction against reductionism, which instead advocates holism. [ [ Reductionism, Antireductionism, and Supervenience ] ] Although breaking complex phenomena into parts, is a key method in science …   Wikipedia

  • List of philosophy topics (I-Q) — II and thou I Ching I Ching I proposition I Thou I Thou relationshipIaIamblichus (philosopher)IbYahya Ibn Adi Yahya Ibn Adi Ibn al Arabi Muhyi al Din Ibn al Arabi Abu Bakr Ibn Bajja Abu Bakr Ibn Bājja Abu Bakr Muhammad Ibn Yahya Ibn as Say igh… …   Wikipedia

  • Antiscience — is a position critical of science and the scientific method. People holding antiscientific views are generally skeptical that science is an objective method, as it purports to be, or that it generates universal knowledge. They also contend that… …   Wikipedia

  • Antiscience — L antiscience est un mouvement philosophie qui rejecte les sciences et les méthodes scientifiques. Voir aussi Holisme Scientific mythology (en) Scientisme Philosophie des sciences Politicization of science  …   Wikipédia en Français

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